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The Frenzied Coach

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Who is Karch Kiraly?!?!

Goal Setting

Hugh McCutcheon on Coaching



The Effects of Spin on a Volleyball

Add the recognition of spin to your teaching and see the results.

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The Wrist Snap / Topspin on USA Volleyball

The myth of the volleyball wrist snap.

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A Biomechanical Review of the Swing Block

An excellent article breaking down each portion of swing blocking.

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A Quantitative Analysis of the Most Important Volleyball Skills

Ever wonder what skills to work on in practice or where you should be spending more of your time? The Journal of Quantitative Study released an in depth article, "Skill Importance in Volleyball"

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The Lost Art of Shot-Making

It's not the hardest hitters that win, but the smartest hitters.

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Keys to Blocking Effectively

After you become physically and fundamentally sound in volleyball, strategy and the mental part of the game becomes a greater factor.

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The Volleyball Spike | How Can I Spike Harder!

Stop working so hard on hitting the ball harder, and instead focus on swinging your arm faster.

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