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What is IPE?

Posted on 26 February 2009 by Chuck Rey

I.P.E. is an acronym for In Play Efficiency. It is simply the opposite of hitting error percentage (IPE = 1 – error %). It’s putting a positive spin on hitting errors. Many coaches tell players, “Don’t make hitting errors”; this focuses on the negative. Instead, IPE focuses on the positive and encourages players to keep the ball in play. For example, Penn State’s Hitting Error % for 2008 was .126. This roughly equates to 1.3 hitting errors for every 10 attempts. The positive spin on Penn State’s error % or what we consider “IPE” is .874 (1 – 0.126). This means for every 10 attempts, 8.7 swings were in the court. IPE is a positive hitting goal for any team. A player can easily recognize an IPE goal of .900 or simply to keep 9 out of 10 attempts in play. An
attainable outcome goal a player can work towards. Continue Reading

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To err is human…

Posted on 19 February 2009 by Chuck Rey

To err is human…

and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

~ Robert Orben

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A little insight into AVCA Hall of Fame Coach Mike Hebert

Posted on 18 February 2009 by Chuck Rey

One of my best moments coaching at the University of Minnesota was a pre-season match against, at the time, #4 ranked Cal. Yes, the U of MN swept Cal 3 sets to 0, of which is a highlight in itself, but looking back, it isn't what made that moment great. During the second Cal timeout in set 1, Mike pulled me aside and he said, “Just look at this clipboard as I pretend to write something…” I was a bit bewildered. He then said, “Can you feel it?” I was still confused. “Listen to that crowd. Look at the fans going crazy. Awesome isn't it? This is what its all about.”

It was an awesome moment, in many respects…

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Books of the Mind

Posted on 17 February 2009 by Chuck Rey

I can’t say I was an avid reader while growing up. I’ve always been into numbers and figuring out the world through numbers. Recently, I’ve been intrigued with how the mind makes decisions, especially in stressful situations. Is it emotion or reason that helps us to decide? How do we decide in situations where we don’t have time to ‘think’ logically or rationally, such as when we are surprised or at a crucial swing in a match? Continue Reading

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Volleyball Coach Rey’s New Blog

Posted on 16 February 2009 by Chuck Rey

Volleyball Coach Chuck Rey

I created this blog to answer a few questions, for my random thoughts, and for others to reflect on my opinions. The two questions I seem to get asked most lately are:

1. What was it like to coach at Minnesota?

2. Do you have a job yet?

I’ll answer number one in coming blogs. The answer to #2 is, not yet, but I’m getting warmer (I wish literally).

I originally embedded this blog within my website using, an innovative open source blogging platform developed with ASP.NET 2.0. Most of it is foreign to me, but I manage to figure it out enough to make it work. If you find any issues or ideas, please let me know.

So this is a place for me to keep a public journal online. Hope you like it icon smile Volleyball Coach Reys New Blog volleyball

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Coach Chuck Rey is Assistant Coach at Miami University

Prior to this position, he was Assistant Coach at Winthrop University, the University of Minnesota and Georgia Southern University.

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