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Preseason Volleyball

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Preseason Volleyball

Posted on 29 August 2012 by Chuck Rey

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It’s that preseason time of year across the country. College teams have gone through a couple weeks of rigorous training to prepare for matches and now enter preseason matches, a time to play out of conference opponents to prepare for the conference, to play different against different styles of volleyball, and learn where we rank in the volleyball hierarchy. It is an exciting time. Lots of nerves and anxious times as coaches try to figure out team cohesion, upperclassmen integrate the freshmen (both mentally and physically), the freshman are trying to get their bearings and each player is trying to find their role on the team. Determining how all the puzzle pieces fit is a great challenge.

Preseason training is rigorous. Long days (and short nights) of physical training that become mental toughness. It is a time when players learn who they are and coaches learn how to work on no sleep. Volleyball is life this time of year and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Continue Reading

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Coach Chuck Rey is Assistant Coach at Miami University

Prior to this position, he was Assistant Coach at Winthrop University, the University of Minnesota and Georgia Southern University.

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