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Thinking Outside the iPad

Very cool toy / app for kids by Osmo that incorporates the iPad and the real world. I see kids learning in a fun, interactive environment. Can a next generation of this app somehow be applied to volleyball? It could be a great way ...

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Whole Foods

Yes, on the return trip, we found a REAL Whole Foods 🙂                         Read more about Eating Healthy on Road Trips    

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Eating Healthy on Road Trips

Eating healthy makes the body feel good 🙂 and it can be a chore to eat healthy on the road. Lori and I are willing to take a little extra time on road trips, and go out of our way, ...

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Stop Enabling Gossip Girls

Sorry to all volleyball players and even coaches that love the TV show Gossip Girl. I know how disappointed you all will be to learn that I’m not a Gossip Girl junkie. I’m more of a Harvard Business Review junkie. Don’t ...

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Changing the Game in Youth Sports

The single greatest effect on performance is an athlete’s state of mind Youth sports used to be about children competing against other children; now it is often adults competing against other adults through their children Children play sports because it ...

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