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Great Outdoor Grass Volleyball Tournaments

Today, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, tennis’ top two players in the world, skidded and slid across a clay court at the French Open Tennis Tournament.  There are four major tennis tournaments, the “Grand Slam”, played on three different surfaces, grass, clay and two on hard court.  Tennis widely accepts and believes the best players in tennis are those players that can dominate on all types of surfaces.

Karch Kiraly dominated the indoor hard-court 6 v 6 game and did the same in the sand, but I am unfamiliar with Karch playing any grass tournaments.  Could he have dominated in the grass too?  Probably, but we’ll never know.

Volleyball has some incredible outdoor tournaments, sand and GRASS, but sand volleyball has always had a prominence in the world of outdoor volleyball.  Grass volleyball has played second fiddle to the beach game, but there are some amazing grass volleyball tournaments that not only rival beach tournaments, but are far better venues than most beach tournaments.  If you are a true volleyball enthusiast, I highly recommend checking out these great events:

Waupaca Boatride Volleyball Tournament Oshkosh, WI
Misty May will be attending the tournament this year, hosting an M2 Clinic

Columbia Clash Volleyball Tournament Lexington, SC
Columbia Crown Volleyball Tournament Lexington, SC

Pottstown Rumble Pottstown, PA

Spikefest Volleyball Tournaments Lewisville, TX

Laua Volleyball Tournament Chicago, IL

Motherlode Volleyball Tournament Aspen, CO
Sand and Grass

Personally, grass volleyball is one of my favorite surfaces to play.  There is the explosiveness and ability to jump as high as the indoor game with the ability to dive similarly to the beach game (maybe a few grass burns on the hips and knees).  The tournaments semi-final and final matches tend to be played around a great crowd of players from throughout the day under some lights.  The scene is quite a bit of fun

(please let me know of other great grass tournaments throughout the country)

A rare, yet infamous tomahawk spike


  1. We just started putting on some great volleyball tournaments last year. This year we are having 4 tournaments in South Lyon, Michigan and we are trying to get our name out so others can enjoy volleyball in the grass also.

    We have 2 more tournaments left this year.

    August 14th
    September 11th

    Visit our web site for any information or to contact us.

  2. I am trying to host a tourney in Georgia but can’t seem to figure out how to advertise for it. Someone wanna help a girl raise enought money for new standards and nets?

  3. We list several grass, sand and indoor tournaments from around the South Carolina region. Be sure to check us out! If you know of a volleyball event and need help getting the word out, just submit the information on our Contact page or email us.

  4. Danielle Washington

    Getting our name out there for sand, indoor and grass volleyball…need help advertising and getting the support from the community…Small Sport Business need financial help in sporting equipments and advertising…

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