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July 4th Volleyball Tournaments

Last year, the AVP Tour stopped in Coney Island for the July 4th tournament.   Growing up in Chicago, I remember a few stops coming through Chicago for that weekend.  I wonder why the AVP does not have consistent dates for tournaments, like 4th of July weekend in Chicago.  Chicago is a great venue and I know Chicago is a favorite stop among pros.  I would think consistent dates each year, like the Indy 500 or The Masters, would generate more repeat business.  Maybe the FIVB schedule in conjunction with AVP budget issues has something to do with the scheduling.

So where is good volleyball being played over the July 4th weekend?


  1. Statesboro… always good ball played down here. We had a great coach who brought us back to the fundamentals and broke the game down to passing and defense. He should come back sometime and visit.

  2. The coach happened to be lucky to run into a group of passionate volleyball guys. The coach just provided a couple tweaks and the guys ran with it. They would have run with it anyway without the tweaks. The coach is also very impressed with how volleyball continues to grow in Statesboro with two men's teams at Georgia Southern. I'll be down that way for a tournament in the middle of September. I look forward to seeing ball down that way again. For a small town, there is some good ball being played there with some great players coming out of there. A lot can be done when each person cares. Keep spreading the love…

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