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More Volleyball Courts in Charlotte Please!

Had a great day playing volleyball at Renaissance Park in Charlotte, but we need more courts! 10 courts were full the entire day. 5 courts of juniors playing doubles and sixes, and 5 courts of adult co-ed playing an assortment of volley. We actually left early because we gave up our court to let others play. We would have played more when other friends showed up, but the courts were still full.

Even in Rock Hill, SC (Where?!?! Where Winthrop University is, just south of Charlotte), two times a week the juniors invade the two sand courts. There are over 24 players on 2 courts. We need more courts!

Volleyball continues to grow, but we can’t hamper its growth. It was nice to look over at 4 empty basketball courts. Looks to be a paradigm shift, but it’s time we invest more in our sport. Time to start raising some money around here to get our parks and recs to build more courts. There’s space at other parks, but we have to make it easy on them to build more. Providing some funds makes it easy 😉

Well, here’s a look at the full courts. Gotta love it for a Sunday afternoon!

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