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Ranse Jones Needs Your Prayers

One of our own needs your prayers.  Ranse Jones, from Winston Salem, NC and now resides in St. Augustine, FL, collapsed on the beach during a tournament this past weekend with a brain aneurysm.  Richard Knott, a close friend of the family, posted this on the Caring Bridge website:

Sunday, May 9, 2010 10:16 AM, EDT

I’m not clear on all the details, but here is what I know so far.  Yesterday, Ranse was in Panama City Beach, Florida playing in a tournament and collapsed and went into convulsions.

They were able to get him to a hospital quickly where the doctors diagnosed him with a brain aneurysm.  I know it’s hard to see the positive in a situation like this, but having it happen at a tournament may be the best thing that could have happened. With good people and friends around he was able to get immediate medical attention.

After a long night of surgery, the doctors were able to stop the clot from bleeding and the next 72 hours is crucial to his recovery.  We know Ranse is a fighter and having made it this far is wonderful news.  We know his strength and our prayers will help him through this waiting period.  For now all we can do is pray and send positive thoughts his way… so please let him know how much we care and love him.

During times like these, it amazes me how tightly connected the volleyball community is… I just want to thank everyone for the sleepless night some of you have put in, the text messages, the updates and just the love for one of our own.  Please continue to stay positive.

The doctor is supposed to update the family here shortly and any news I find out, I will let you know.

Sunday, May 9, 2010 3:48 PM, EDT

I talked with Stu Ryan this morning and he was able to update me… the Doctor met with Ranse’s family and said there is still too much swelling to see how little damage there is and over the next 48-72 hours they should have a better idea of what is going on.  The clot is still there and about the size of a tennis ball.  It is unfortunately pushing on the brain stem and that creates a little hiccup in his healing process.  That may not sound too good, but I feel like I’ve been pushing on his brain stem for the last 20 years… so he should be used to it.  🙂  I will try to get another update at some point tonight.
Again, positive thoughts and prayers go a long way.  Please keep Ranse in your hearts.

Please keep up to date with Ranse’s recovery on CaringBridge:


Ranse has qualified for the AVP Tour on a number of occasions.  You can learn more about him here: http://www.bvbinfo.com/player.asp?ID=220

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