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RIP Ranse Jones

At 3am November 8 2010, six months to the day after his tragic accident, God brought Ranse Jones home. He went peacefully and I believe with the full knowledge that he had hung on long enough for his friends and family to gather and celebrate his life and say their goodbyes. He could feel the love, smiles and laughter across the miles; He was there. He had fought a good fight but in the end, it was not his decision how long this life would be and I am thankful for the Grace of God. While the aunerism took his body, it could not take his spirit, love or legacy….because he gave these to all of us long ago. As we go through the next few days, weeks, perhaps months together, trying to pick up the pieces, I want you to know that it will be sad.  It is okay to be sad but please, remember this. This is not his goodbye, it is his challenge:  Live, love and laugh everyday as if it is your last. Never take for granted the little pleasures in life … especially the feel of sand on your feet, warm sun on your shoulders, a cold nose nuzzling your hand or the joy of just being there – – wherever that is. Get up early to watch the sun rise. Hug your family – a lot. Let the dog in your bed. Always be a friend. And never, never turn down a chance to get out there and play.

Barbara Jones

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