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The AVP is Back – New Ownership!

The AVP is Back! This is exciting news for Beach Volleyball, not only because the AVP brand is so well known, but because Donald Sun is a beach volleyball enthusiast and has a real passion for our game. The best quote of this release: “I also respect the activities and accomplishments of the current leagues. My goal is to work together in some way to unify beach volleyball in America.” The NVL, USA Beach, the Corona Wide Open, and EVP have done a great job in keeping the outdoor game alive and moving forward the past year. 2012 and beyond looks even brighter for beach volleyball…

AOS Group, LP Purchases AVP

Posted On April 2, 2012


Contact: Hans Stolfus
AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour
(612) 991-9998

COSTA MESA, CA — April 2, 2012
The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) announced Monday that AOS Group, LP purchased 100% of the AVP assets from its previous owner, DFA PVA II Partners, LLC. The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour is the longest running professional beach volleyball league in the world.

The Managing Partner and Owner of AOS Group, LP, Donald Sun, said: “I am very excited to become the new owner of the AVP. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the game of beach volleyball. Especially the game of the ‘80s and ‘90s. I played it regularly growing up, watched it frequently, and look forward to protecting and promoting the brand as the pinnacle of the sport.”

Managing Member of DFA PVA II Partners, LLC, Nick Lewin said: “We had a number of buyers for the AVP, but decided to sell to Donald, who has a real passion for both the sport and the brand. We have the utmost confidence that Donald and his team can build the AVP into exactly what we all envision.”

The AVP was formed on July 21, 1983, to protect players’ interests and to preserve the integrity of beach volleyball. Over the span of 28 years, the AVP held professional beach volleyball events in three countries and more than 35 states. The brand has been a staple mark within the sport and still remains the only professional sports league synonymous with Southern California.

Former AVP Commissioner and 75-time tournament champion Mike Dodd said: “Donald Sun enters our world of volleyball with three refreshing traits, humility, a true love of the game and respect for the history of beach volleyball. I am confident Donald will surround himself with the right people to help him navigate the complex beach volleyball terrain as well as develop alliances and strategies that will help bring the beach game back to prosperity and revive the AVP brand. This is wonderful news for players, sponsors and our loyal fans.”

Sun acknowledged it will take time and cooperation to relaunch the tour, “I understand we’ve lost considerable time in trying to put together a 2012 tour schedule,” Sun said. “I also respect the activities and accomplishments of the current leagues. My goal is to work together in some way to unify beach volleyball in America.”

Sun concluded, “The AVP is rich in history. It’s a history I believe is worth saving and sharing with the world’s passionate beach volleyball community. October’s event illustrated how much support there still is for the brand by players and fans. Now it’s time to cultivate that support by creating really great events reminiscent of the past that can take the AVP into a sustainable future so we don’t risk losing them again.”

About AVP
AVP is a lifestyle sports entertainment company focused on the production, marketing and distribution of professional beach volleyball events worldwide. AVP athletes have won gold medals in all four Olympic Games where beach volleyball was an official discipline, including the first gold medal sweep by a single country in the history of Olympic Beach Volleyball in Beijing. AVP is headquartered in Orange County, California.

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