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2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Chuck Rey

A time to be reminded of past resolutions, to renew those resolutions, and an opportunity to make new ones.

Love with passion and cultivate deeper relationships with my family

  • Immediate family
    • Don’t take love for granted and become complacent
    • Make a better, more genuine connection each week
  • Volleyball family
    • Deeper relationship with coaches within the team and organization
      • Better journaling of things I learn
    • Engage mentally with players each week – challenge them
    • Deeper development of relationship with mentors
    • Help aspiring coaches that are “less fortunate”
    • Expand my role within the AVCA and USA Volleyball
    • A continued presence and a positive resource for junior club coaches
      • A monthly tip, idea, newsletter, or cognitive resource

Lead a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically

  • Mentally
    • Develop a deeper relationship with God
      • Complete reading the Bible
      • Schedule prayer time
      • Continue to enjoy and grow from FCA Coaches Bible Study
    • Strive towards mastery, not perfectionism
      • Overcome nagging guilt
    • Grow through alternative publications.
      • At least every-other day, make time to read a book or online publication.  This does not necessarily have to pertain to volleyball, but something to engage my mind to think differently
    • Read the books on my book list!
  • Physically
    • Progress physically for mental benefits
      • Find more time for yoga and meditation
        1. At least once per month
      • At least every-other day, do something active
        • Grow through the WinFit/Crossfit group
        • Revisit Jim Stoppani’s fitness programs
        • Find more outdoor trails
        • Enjoy exercise through nature
      • Avoid succumbing to laziness

Advance nutritional lifestyle and knowledge

  • Continue to eat more organic and local foods
    • Learn more about antioxidants and alkaline body balance
    • Reduce internal swelling
  • Learn the nutrients I am deficient in and how to healthfully include in my diet
  • Bring-in food to work more often
  • Drink more water each day
  • When dining-out – find healthy restaurants and menu choices
    • Find/request healthier cooking methods and eliminate harmful additives
  • Avoid purchasing less healthy alternatives to save money
    • Food is medicine
    • Do not feel guilty about the increased cost of better nutrition

Expand my Network

  • Network beyond my comfort zone
  • Find a church
  • Leadership conferences
  • Complete
    • Incorporate as a 501c3
    • Don’t be a perfectionist about it and remember it develops over time
    • RSS/newsletter
  • Advance social media
    • Facebook page, use Twitter more often, try Instagram, find uses within LinkedIn
  • Use video/YouTube for updates, practices, etc.
  • Partner with The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Live frugally, but live life

  • Limit spending on frivolous items including material possessions, unnecessary travel, or dining at restaurants when home is an option (remind myself on potential extravagant purchases of the less fortunate).
  • But, remember to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

Think Green

  • Don’t let convenience win over environmental friendly options
  • Be conscious of waste; be sure to recycle when available or hold on to items to recycle (such as a plastic bottles in the car) to discard when at a recycle bin instead of letting a trash-can win
  • Turn-off water and lights when not used, shut-off unnecessary lights at the office, including those in hallways, bathrooms, conference rooms, etc.
  • Bike and run to work more often this year

Stay on task

  • Do not be easily distracted by people and technology
  • Do not feel rushed – “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” ~ John Wooden


  • Spend more time with and make a better connection with my best friends
  • Find peace at work and at home
    • Separate the two
    • Avoid becoming a workaholic
    • Find sources outside of volleyball to grow
    • Be proactive, not reactive – in all aspects of my life
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  1. Wanda Clish Says:


  2. Thomas Says:

    In regard to mental well-being and also staying on task, one of my resolutions is to begin each day with the expectation it will be a good day and end the day grateful for something. I found these in an article about nine healthy habits to cultivate, and I know personally having those ideas will hopefully change my perspective on life. The two combined will be on my list of resolutions. Thanks for sharing your goals.

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