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AVCA Seattle – Minnesota Connection


So my Minnesota layover found me following a woman, who I swore was Lindsey Berg from behind. Lindsey is known for her high fashion and this woman was decked-out like Lindsey might be going out on the town. I wouldn’t assume Lindsey would travel in such attire, but I wanted to say hello. As this woman walked into the convenience shop, she spun around and it certainly wasn’t Lindsey. Heck, I haven’t a clue if Lindsey is even living in Minneapolis, but she has been to Convention a few times and thought it might be her. I’m sure my fiancé doesn’t appreciate me following women around 😉

Instead, I ran into the exact opposite of Lindsey in Geoff Carlston, Ohio State Head Coach. Geoff (often pronounced by friends as “G – Off”) has deep roots in Minnesota. He grew up near ‘The Cities’, volunteered at the U of MN for a couple seasons, and won a D-II National Championship as Head Coach at Concordia U (where now head coach Brady Starkey just won his 6th straight – 7th as a program – National Championship). Geoff recommended a Caribou Coffee Campfire Mocha, as Caribou is from MN, when I’m headed to the land of Starbucks. Figured it was worth a comparison.

When you hang around with one coach, others follow like ants to a sugar cube. I quickly met the Simpson College Coaches and we played the name game as we knew friends of eac others in he small world of college coaching.

About to take off to Seattle. Needless to say, I made my flight with time to spare.

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