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Bones Brigade – Passion Endures All


Growing up in the 80’s and being the kid not big enough to play football (thus not that cool), skateboarding was my outlet. Yes, I was a skate punk…with the checkered Vans shoes and the bad Tony Hawk haircut (which my mom cut for me). I just finished watching Bones Brigade, a documentary of the greatest skateboarding team ever. I have always found many parallels between skateboarding and volleyball, particularly beach volleyball. These sports are part of a counter-culture, have grown and developed on their own (creating their own advertising, marketing, attendance, etc.), but I have felt that skateboarding has sustained (much because of the X-Games) where volleyball (particularly the AVP) has fallen off. Granted volleyball has pockets of success, the Olympics, FIVB tours, but not a sustainable success. Skateboarding does have an advantage in that it has hardware to sell to support their sport internally. I digress…

It’s actually quite a good movie to learn from a coaching perspective. How these kids developed, advanced, sustained, failed from success, and how they thrived. Ultimately, it was their pure passion and love of their sport. Stacey Peralta was an ultimate coach (although he doesn’t like the word coach) and has good insight on the development of his team. His passion, love for the sport, and his kids is what enabled him to thrive.

If you are at all into skateboarding, you’ll enjoy the movie and the lessons within: http://bonesbrigade.com

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