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BP Oil Spill – 6 Months Later

6 months after the catastrophic BP Oil rig explosion and the worst oil spill in history, the world has already forgotten that dreadful incident.  On November 20th, exactly 6 months to the day the rig exploded, I took a picture of a jammed BP Gas Station.  Its not like this was the only gas station around, I took the picture from across the street at a competitor’s station.  Did the American public already forget what happened six months ago or does the American public even care?  I am still under the philosophy that if it does not immediately impact or directly inconvenience us in some way, we do not act.

Did anyone listen to me six month ago and purchase BP stock (click here to read my article)?  Around that time, the stock was at a low of $27 per share.  The stock is now, 6 months later, at $41 per share; a 65% increase.  Maybe Warren Buffet would consider me a genius…no…but I can count on the American people to “forgive and forget”.

It’s a sad day when we do not hold companies up to a moral or ethical standard.  Americans complain about the lack of morals and ethics of the “greedy” CEOs of large corporations, but these complainers have no voice as they are likely the ones filling up at BP gas stations.

I’m proud to say that I have boycotted BP and have posted this 6 image to represent and remind us all of the devastating BP Oil spill only 6 months ago.  Post this image if you have boycotted BP over the last 6 months.

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