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BP Thanks America, 22 Billion Time$

BP showed a $22 Billion turn-around from one year ago and a $5.3 Billion earning in the second quarter alone (CNN report).  Nice job America, but then again, do Americans really care?  Last June, I said it was a Great Time to Buy BP Stock and if you listened, you would have about doubled your money in a year.  But who am I?  I should be a Goldman Sachs executive stealing money from your pocket.  Instead, I’m just a lowly volleyball coach.  What could I possibly know about business and the stock market?  I did spend 10 years in the business world and was president of a multi-million dollar corporation.  That made me a lot funnier and better looking at the time.  I must have been smarter then too.

I will be donating my profit from the one year stock earnings to the National Wildlife Federation.  One year later, I haven’t forgotten, nor have the “More than 5,686 birds, 546 sea turtles and 96 dolphins and whales were found dead throughout the oil spill area.   It was the single biggest environmental disaster in United States history. And a year later, Gulf wildlife are still in need of your support.  This year, 145 dolphins — almost half of them infants — recently washed up dead along coastlines in four Gulf states.”  That is about five times the normal rate.

I still care.  I still don’t shop or make purchases at BP.

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