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eLEGS for Volleyball

Wired Magazine posted an incredible story about a lightweight exoskeleton that gives paraplegics new legs (read the story here).  In essence, the ability for paraplegics to walk with robotic aide to the legs.  It is a  remarkable device developed from the invention of the HULC system that US Soldiers use lighten the load of their utility packs on long hikes.

Volleyball enthusiasts may remember the incredible journey of the USA Olympic Volleyball Teams earning four medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but the fact is the USA Volleyball Teams earned 5 medals, three gold and two silver.  The USA Sitting Volleyball Team, coached by Mike Hulett (my little brother coincidentally played club volleyball for Mike), earned a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic games too.

Technology is amazing and the eLEGS could one day have great application for sitting volleyball teams.  Check out where technology is today:

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