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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire a Volleyball Player

I’m just a coach. Heck, what would I know about the corporate world? I might have spent 10 years in the real world using my marketing degree, but that was over 10 years ago. Again, I’m just a coach. But I do work with student-athletes on a daily basis….that come from the same student body that your company is most likely going to hire.

Are you going to take your chance on a student who’s resume is filled with sorority ‘community service’ events or a business fraternity ‘fundraising’ auction. Or are you going to hedge your company’s future on a proven leader, a person well versed on team dynamics, with pinpoint focus on goals, and time-management skills better than most the employees currently at your company? Not that I would know what you are looking for, but these well recent known publications might:

  1. The Wall Street Journal, Student Athletes Report Success After College

  2. Time / Money Magazine: Student Athletes More Likely to Thrive After College Than Non-Athletes
  3. NBC News College Athletes Find Success in College and the Workplace
  4. Fast Company: Why Your Next Employee Should Be A Former Student Athlete
  5. New York Daily News: Female athletes score higher than non-athletes after college


  1. I thought this article was going to tell me something “specific” about female Volleyball players. Disappointed that it did not.

  2. Thank you for the links…. really great info! Our daughter plays at SMU in Dallas and agrees 100%!

  3. Hope your daughter is able to use these articles to help her land a job! Great program at SMU and all the best to her and the program this season!

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