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A Better Parent, A Better Coach

Coach Rey aka Dad

I’m 4 and a half months in, and I already love being a Dad! It’s still almost overwhelming to hear the word “Dad” and associate it with me. It’s kind of like changing to a new year. We mean to write 2016, even though we still write 2015. Or similar to the stages we go through being called, “Boyfriend”, “Fiance”, and “Husband”. Hearing “Dad” applied to me, takes me aback for an instance, and then it settles in, “Oh yeah, that’s me!”.

Just as I always strive and educate myself to be a better coach, it’s cool how as I do the same to be a better Dad, how much applies to coaching. I came across this recent passage,

Like it or not, nurturing a boys heart is much more akin to growing a tree than it is to constructing a building. There isn’t a list of steps to take that will have our sons turn out the way we want. Who they are meant to be is already written in to their hearts, and our responsibility as fathers to discern it and help nurture it out of them. How a father engages a boy’s heart directly affects who he will grow into as a man.

As much as I may want my son to be a setter on the Olympic team, I have to realize he is his own being and it is my responsibility to groom him to be the best at what he’s supposed to be the best at.

As a coach, I have players that have decided to be the best at volleyball and it is now my responsibility to groom them to be the best at their position. I can’t make them be the best, but “help nuture it out of them”. I like that.

A better parent, a better coach today.

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  1. I have similar experience like yours. Parenting feels awesome. Even my kid loves volleyball. He is used to move and learn volleyballs and I am pretty content as they help in his learning as well.

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