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Coach Rey and Gabby Reece, NASM Certified Personal Trainers

It’s always cool when one of the volleyball players your wife looks up to as a kid chooses the same career path. Last year, Lori completed her NASM training to become a Certified Personal Trainer and is now following her life ambition at a local gym. Gabby Reece just completed her NASM certification too.

Coach Rey and Gabby ReeceOur family is about living a healthy lifestyle and it’s awesome to see those you look up to continue down the same path. Gabby, and her husband Laird, have a great healthy living website www.GabbyandLaird.com and both our families frequently reference the NASM website for great workout and nutrition information.

As Lori has started working with clients, she is taken-aback by the thought processes of people and how they are to lose weight, gain muscle, and their thoughts of eating healthy. Lori continues to preach a ‘wholistic’ approach to proper health. This includes strength training (especially introducing weight lifting to more women), aerobic workouts, and a balanced diet including healthy carbohydrates, proteins, lots of fruits and veggies, and healthy fats (yes, fat is healthy).

It has been an eye-opening, and sometimes frustrating experience for Lori (and even her clients that expect immediate results). But she continues to preach consistent training and eating methods over time and her dedicated clients are not only finding great rewards for themselves, but their entire families are benefiting.

It’s a blessing when both husband and wife are able to do what they love for their profession and even a bigger bonus when their careers overlap. My team benefits, her clients benefit, and our family is all the happier 🙂

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