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Eating Healthy on Road Trips

Eating healthy makes the body feel good 🙂 and it can be a chore to eat healthy on the road. Lori and I are willing to take a little extra time on road trips, and go out of our way, to eat healthy. In fact, in an upcoming post, we will provide a list of our top road options in some of the most remote place. For example, Erie, Pennsylvania.

On a recent recruiting trip to Canada, we Yelp’ed places in Erie. The Yelp app is fantastic, but you have to be sure to know how to navigate your way around Yelp. We search for ‘vegetarian’ or ‘organic’ or ‘local’ restaurants. Sometimes, somehow, Taco Bell might come up in a search…thus the learning how to navigate. We check out the menu. If the menu list’s tofu or specifically states local or organic alongside a menu item, the restaurant is promising. A listing of tofu does not mean you have to order tofu, but it shows the restaurant is health conscious. Then be sure to checkout the reviews and even the pictures.

So yes, Erie, PA has a Whole Foods! Lori-Rey-whole-foodsWho’da-thunk’it? We were so excited as Whole Foods Market is a great stop on a road trip to scavenge healthy food, fast from their food bars. But low and behold, we pull up to this tiny Whole Foods CO-OP?!?! Although, it wasn’t a corporate Whole Foods Market, this Co-op was fantastic.

Lori enjoyed an amazing lentil-walnut veggieburger on a multi-grain sesame bun, while I enjoyed a black bean and rice wrap with green chili’s! Again, who’da-thunk you could get green chili’s in Pennsylvania in January. Displaced New Mexicans, eat your heart out 🙂 To top it off, Lori had a Mahalo smoothie made of pineapple, mango, strawberries, coconut milk, andLori-Rey-veggie-burger spirulina. Our stomachs smiled and said YUM the remainder of our drive.

The Whole Foods Co-op was about 10 minutes off the interstate, adding 20 minutes to our drive, but so worth it. I sleep better that night and wake-up refreshed and ready for a workout the next morning.

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