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Flo Hyman Lives On

I received this wonderful comment on a post about Flo Hyman: from an ‘R. Nelson’:

Thank you for taking the time to provide some information and background on our friend, team mate and colleague Flora Jean Hyman..

please feel free to share her website (www.FloHyman.com) so that others will continue to learn more about Flo and the history of the first Olympic training center in Pasadena texas as well as other players, coaches and teams that have historically assisted all these young aspiring volleyball players today in the search for the GOLD!

I find it positively humbling when one of the greats of our game, Ruth Nelson, continues to promote a “friend, team mate and colleague”.  Ruth deserves her own blog post, biography, and website. Although this blog post is about Flo and the generous people that put together the FloHyman.com website, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least bring to your attention Ruth’s awesome initiative with BYOP (Bring Your Own Parent) Volleyball Program and her own website: RNNTraining.com

With all this being said, visit Flo Hyman’s website: FloHyman.com and then visit Ruth’s websites: BYOP (Bring Your Own Parent) Volleyball Program and  RNNTraining.com. You’ll be a much better volleyball coach when you do.

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