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John Kessel – USA Volleyball Frier Award Recipient

John Kessel – USA Frier Award Recipient

A well-deserved honor for Mr. Kessel to be awarded USA Volleyball’s highest honor, the Frier Award, a lifetime achievement award. I met John just like everyone else meets people these days, online 🙂 Way back in the day, he and I started these little blogs that have enabled us to reach far beyond what I assume both of us initially realized we would be able to reach. The power of words, the internet, and eventually video online has catapulted John’s grassroots efforts to continue to Grow the Game. His blog, which is much more interesting than mine, is found at USA Volleyball’s website called Growing the Game Together.

John Kessel and Chuck Rey

John’s greatest gift is his ability to collaborate great works of so many experts, simplify it for all to understand and distribute it in a way that is memorable, usable, and has immediate application for all skill levels, from beginning to expert. As a college coach, I have used so much of his material in my practice, yet grassroots organizations use much of the same material for youth training. It is a special art that John has mastered and we have all benefited, directly and indirectly.

Most impressive about John are his wonderful analogies, his storytelling ability, and his humble nature. John will never take the credit for his work, and much prefers to have a collaborative effort on all projects and pushes the credit to those on his team. He is an ultimate team player and USA Volleyball is fortunate to have him on our team for so many decades.

I look forward to continuing to soak up as much Kesselism as possible for many more years to come. I know my team needs it and so do I. And I hope to be able to do so at his new Colorado ranch!

Congratulations John – so well deserved!

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  1. Awesome. What a well deserved award. John, you roc. Congratulations!!!

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