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Students on Campus Reduces Virus Risk

Optimism. Hope. Light. We need more positive in the world today. Cornell University believes bringing students back to campus will reduce virus risk. Former Winthrop University President and current SIU System President, Dr. Daniel Mahony, spread this on his social media.

Their prediction of a reduction is based on a number of health safety protocols that can be done with students on campus, but would not be done if students are entirely online. It is just one study and based on the particular situation at Cornell, but does suggest this is all complex and every scenario has risks to consider. ~ Dr. Mahony

Read the article: Cornell Says Bringing Students Back to Campus Reduces Virus Risk

The reality is there will be a group of people that have one belief over this virus, another group will have a different belief, and it is unlikely these two sides will come together (sound like politics?). Whatever your belief, spread the positive side and love your neighbor.

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