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The Miracle Season – Volleyball Movie

What? Could it be? Maybe?!?! Possibly!?!? A truly good volleyball movie. Don’t get me wrong, Side Out is a true 90’s classic (and yes, “Side Out” is spelled as two words), but The Miracle Season looks legit. Could it be the a follow-up to the Miracle movie about the 1980’s USA Men’s Olympic Hockey Team? I can seem many teams watching this movie on long bus rides and in hotel rooms prior to a weekend tournament. I guess the real question is not whether I will see the movie, but how many times will I see the movie as teams will want to see it each season on the bus. Oh my…

We are all touched by tragedy, it’s how we respond to that tragedy that sets us apart. For high school volleyball coach, Kathy ‘Brez’ Bresnahan, fifteen teenage girls taught her that when you work together, it’s not only possible to fight through grief but to channel it as motivation to accomplish the impossible.

Caroline ‘Line’ Found died in a tragic moped accident on her way to visit her terminally ill mother, Ellyn. Caroline’s death, and that of her mother twelve days later, shocked her Iowa City community but devastated her family, her high school volleyball teammates and her tough love coach.

The Miracle Season (KCI Sports Publishing, 3/2018) is told in Coach Brez’s straightforward manner and chronicles how a volleyball team attempts to overcome their collective grief while practicing and playing a game that serves as a daily reminder of their loss. The team struggles to replace Line, the all-state setter, who had led them to their first-ever state title.

The Miracle Season is also the inspiration for the upcoming motion picture of the same name, starring Academy Award winners Helen Hunt and William Hurt. The film will be released nation-wide on April 6th.

“What made Coach Brez’s journey so unique (and challenging) was having to throw out a lifetime of coaching experience in the aftermath of Caroline’s death. You can’t demand more reps, hours of practice, more discipline from the fragile psyches of grieving athletes. You have to find another way,” writes David Aaron Cohen, screenwriter of Friday Night Lights and The Miracle Season.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to the Live Like Line Foundation which provides funding to students in the Iowa City Community School District who need assistance to overcome financial barriers in order to participate in school activities. Like Caroline, the foundation wants all students to feel included.

“We all deserve to have a Caroline Found in our life, even if only for a fleeting moment. Someone who inspires us to have a passion for life, a smile to light the world, and the ability to make others feel important. Each day I want to Live Like Line.” — Coach Brez


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