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Those that Workout Together, Stay Together

Those that workout together, stay together. Isn’t that right Richard and Aly Knott?


Coach Rey's and Knott'sEven though Lori is 14 weeks pregnant, it doesn’t stop her from getting her fit on at the gym. In fact, it motivates us a little more as we want to have healthier babies; and intense, yet balanced activity is a great start. Also, going into pregnancy in great shape, helps to maintain the post pregnancy physique.

My wife and I had a great day at the gym and we wanted to share our workout with you. And YES – women should lift weights!

I can’t say we are crossfit fiends like Richard and Aly, but we create our own routine. We started off the day with a indo-row machine warm-up.



Then we hit the upper body on this day, starting with bench press


Followed by pull-ups


Hitting the chest again with incline dumbbell press


Back to back…literally


Superset these with abs


Add in some arms, biceps first


And finished up with some triceps



Nothing too ferocious today, as we have to be careful of those little ones inside Lori 🙂

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