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What does Cost of Attendance mean for Volleyball?


Few people understand Cost of Attendance and few colleges provide Cost of Attendance.

What is Cost of Attendance (COA)?

Division I college athletes can receive athletics scholarships that provide funds beyond the typical tuition, room & board, and books. Cost of Attendance is the full cost of attending college, such as travel to and from your home, meals, loan fees, school supplies (such as the purchase of a personal computer) . Colleges that elect to pay full COA write a check to athletes on a monthly or yearly basis.

Do all schools participate in Cost of Attendance?

No! My guess is only approximately 1/3rd of all Division I colleges offer Cost of Attendance. But of those colleges, only a few offer COA to ALL their athletes. Many colleges only provide COA to specific sports, such as football and men’s basketball.

How much money can a student-athlete receive from Cost of Attendance?

Cost of Attendance is an amount that is calculated by the Financial Aid Office on campus and is a fixed value for all students, not just student-athletes. It varies by school and can depend on how financial aid offices determine figures, such as using student surveys to create average miscellaneous and travel expense costs. It can also vary for in-state and out-of-state student-athletes. The range through public posts online between $1,500 to $7,000 per year (please note this is not an exact number, just what I have read).

Can a coach withhold or revoke Cost of Attendance separately from a scholarship?

No. The rule allowing schools to provide cost of attendance for college athletes changed the definition of a full scholarship. When an athletics department provides cost of attendance to college athletes, it is considered financial aid. And an athletics department cannot reduce or revoke a scholarship without providing the opportunity for an appeal and a hearing with people outside athletics.

May a student-athlete’s cost of attendance be adjusted based on individual needs?

A school must calculate the cost of attendance for student-athletes using the same policies and procedures it follows for the general student body.

May a student-athlete receive a Pell Grant in addition to a full athletics scholarship, which may include an amount designated for the cost of attendance?

NCAA rules allow college athletes who receive a Pell Grant to receive the cost of attendance or the value of a full scholarship plus the Pell Grant, whichever is greater. Each school must ensure that it also follows applicable federal, state and school requirements.

This is not a complete account of Cost of Attendance. Please refer to the NCAA website or each individual institution’s policy for more information on COA.

And yes, Miami University, is one of those few schools that offers Cost of Attendance to their scholarship athletes, volleyball does receive Full Cost of Attendance 🙂

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