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John Kessel needs a lift


One of those that have helped each of us so much, returning the gift shouldn’t be too tough.

“On June 29, 2014, John Kessel lost his partner, Tammie Clark-Neyman to the dreadful, progressive disease of alcoholism. During the last two years, Tammie was blessed with John’s unconditional love and support. This support included financial burdens such as detox programs and multiple emergency hospitalizations. Consequently, he now has significant medical bills.

John Kessel has spent the last 40 years helping us become better coaches, players, and parents. He’s encouraged us to become life-long learners, and thus, growing and becoming more supportive and effective team members, coworkers, partners and friends. I’m sure we can all agree that it’s hard to keep up with ALL that John shares with us. Even now, as he works through this grief, John continues to encourage and inspire us to become better.

In difficult moments, we want to help and support those we love and respect. Now we have the opportunity to support John Kessel as he goes through one of the most painful events of his life.

This is a request to coaches, players, parents, family, friends and others that have been touched by John and his work to support him in any way you can. A small contribution from each us can make a significant difference. I also request for you to assist this technology impaired messenger to spread the word to others in any creative way you choose.

A very special thank you to each of you for your support. Lily”


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