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NPR Covering Bonnaroo

After I “Liked” NPR on facebook, I thought it was a sign of old age.  I remember my parents (specifically my father jamming out to the band Chicago played over the Pioneer speakers that were so big they were also used as end tables) watching PBS on Channel 11 (pre-cable) while growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.  I was bored to tears, but my Atari was also spliced into the same television, so I had no choice but suffer, watch, and listen.

The NPR feed came across my facebook page (facebook is a great reader for RSS feeds) that they were covering the Bonnaroo Music Festival located on a farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee (where I once resided).  Bonnaroo is the annual Woodstock of today.  Four or five days of peace, love and music.

So, back to NPR.  They have a great live performances by artists.  Being a Dave Matthews Band, Nas, Flaming Lips, and Norah Jones fan, here’s a great place to listen to the music: http://www.npr.org/music/

Maybe I’m getting old.  Maybe my players would cringe at me “forcing” them to listen to these performances on a bus ride to our next match.  Or maybe many of my players are at Bonnaroo jamming out to the same music I’m listening too.  Music has no age limit…just like volleyball 🙂

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