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Division I Women’s Volleyball Recruiting Perspective

There are 329 Division I Women’s Volleyball programs.  Not all are fully funded.  Conservatively, there are 8 scholarships per school (those with full funding versus those without full funding).  This comes out to 2,632 available scholarships over a four year period.  Divide this number by four which means there are only 658 available scholarships per year.  Divide this 658 number by four (roughly, the number of positions – setters, OHs, MHs, RH/liberos) = 164.5 scholarships per position per year.

There are over 5,000 junior volleyball clubs with over 12,000 teams and 250,000 members.  There are approximately, 35,000 members per age group.  Again, divide this number by roughly four position and that comes to 8,750 players per position.

Are you one of the 165 top players in the country of the 8,750 players in your position?

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