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Red Ribbons for Ranse

There is no better family than the volleyball family.  It’s always been there in my times of need and has given me some of the best lifelong memories too.  Ranse Jones is one of those great guys in our wonderful volleyball family that needs our support.  It’s been 21 days since he went into the hospital with a brain aneurysm and since that time, he’s gone through a 4 hour surgery, the blood on his brain continues to subside, he is in a coma, and he just started to breathe on his own.

On the CaringBridge website, I have read some amazing stories of survivors that went into a coma from a brain aneurysm and are living normal, healthy lives.  Read Lisa Foto’s story:

I don’t know how I got to Ranse’s Caring Bridge site as I was looking for someone else but maybe it is by God’s grace that I found it.  I am a brain aneurysm survivor.  I am on Caring Bridge’s home page as a personal story.  I also have a Caring Bridge site and have made a 100% recovery.  My aneurysm happened on March 20, 2007 so I just passed the 3 year anniversary of when it happend.  I wanted to offer some encouragement to all of you.  Please make sure his family gets my message.  I figured if I posted it on his site that it would get lost amongst the other 22,000+ posts.  It will be humanly impossible for them to read them all.


Please visit and post on Ranse’s guest book.

A new website, Red Ribbons for Ranse, has just begun to help fund Ranse’s medical bills: http://www.redribbonsforranse.com/ Please visit the website.  The RED ribbon symbolizes energy and the leather is for his toughness. “You keep fighting; we’ll keep praying!”

In addition, donations can be made at these websites too:

CaringBridge website: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/ransejones

Raising Up Ranse: http://ransejones.blogspot.com (you will also receive a Raising Up Ranse T-shirt)

I know our volleyball family won’t forget about Ranse as we continue on with our lives.  Continue to spread the word and say a prayer.

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