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Starbucks’ Recycle Program (or lack their of)

starbucks-recycleThe inside of Starbucks  is a billboard of eco-friendliness.  The employees rant about it, the stores are decorated in signs about it, and even the company website has a section devoted to it.  Howard Shultz certainly must practice what he preaches while sipping his mocha latte on one of the three company’s “eco-friendly” private jets.  “The company ordered the Gulfstream 550 three years ago and considered canceling the purchase. But the company said canceling the order was too expensive, the Seattle Times reported Thursday.  Among its first stops as part of Starbucks’ fleet of three corporate jets, the Gulfstream 550 spent two weeks in Hawaii, flown there for a combination business and personal trip”.   I assume Starbucks’ “eco-friendly” jet must be similar to the eco-friendly jets of celebrities – those same celebrities that also preach about saving the planet.  I know most customers claim they are also eco-friendly, especially the ones that drive up in their gas guzzling Range Rovers.

Ever notice what’s overflowing from a Starbucks’ trash can?  ONCE used paper cups and these sleeves “to protect our tender fingers from hot coffee”. starbucks_back Ironically, printed on the sleeves, “Starbucks is committed to reducing our environmental impact through increased use of post-consumer recycled material.”  Apparently, the post-consumer recycled material doesn’t include those sleeves in a Starbucks’ trash can.

The lack of a Starbucks’ Recycle program in their own stores is absurd.  How difficult would it be for Starbucks to recycle their own paper cups and sleeves?  A recycle bin placed at the exit of Starcrooks.  Come on now Starbucks, practice what you preach.  Oh, I guess I did see a sign that read, “Save $0.10 on your next visit when you fill-up in a Starbucks’ Tumbler”.   I’ll repeat that, “$0.10. ” HA!


  1. That’s a lot of trees you got there.. tsk tsk..

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