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Streamy ~ a Dreamy Social Network Content Management Website

Streamy social network content managmentI must give mad props to Streamy.  I found Streamy through a Mashable plug.  I guess its best described as a social network content management system or a content hub.  In somewhat-non-techie-terms, Streamy combines streams from blogs and social networks to get the best news, a place to view your facebook, twitter, flickr, and blog feeds on one website.  I’ve tried friendfeed and chi.mp, but they were not as user-friendly as Streamy seems to be.  I’ve been working the Google products over especially Google Reader, where I’m still a Google platform groupie.  I would like to be able to email my gmail from Streamy, but I can foresee Streamy getting boughtout by a Google…just my prediction.

Streamy is dreamy. Yes, that was ridiculous, but check it out.  It was just recently released from Beta version and it still has some glitches, but it looks as if the social media society was able to overlook Twitter glitches too.  I highly recommend viewing the 4 minute introduction video, as it provides great oversight of the website.

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