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Terry Liskevych Christmas Gift to Me

the-art-of-coaching-volleyball-terry-liskevychA phone call. Yup, that’s it. A phone call to me.

At the recent AVCA Convention in Louisville, I presented to all the First Time Attendees on how to appropriately act when they encounter a famous coach or famous player walking down the hall or share an elevator. I demonstrated how to NOT run up to Kerri Walsh screaming for a picture or ask for an autograph. Now here I am not heeding my own advice with this post.

It’s not everyday that I get a call on my personal cell from a 12 year USA Volleyball National Team Head Coach (3 Olympics!).  I am honored to hear that he reads my blog and even more so at the opportunity to partner with him and The Art of Coaching Volleyball website. The fact is, we both share the same passion. We both love volleyball and want our game to grow. We want to enable coaches to be their best, and in turn, we hope, indirectly through our efforts, USA Volleyball continues to improve.

It pained me to watch the USA Women’s National Team lose to Brazil in the gold medal match at the London Olympics this year. I thought the USA Women’s Team was the best team, and I do believe they still were the best team, just not that night. As Hugh McCutcheon pointed out at the AVCA Super-Session, USA beat Brazil the last 9 times they played them. As the story goes with “The Miracle” 1980 USA Hockey Head Coach, Herb Brooks, “If we play them 10 times, they might win 9.” It looks as if the tables were turned on the United States this past Olympics.

I look forward to growing our game with some of the great coaches like Terry Liskevych, Russ Rose, and John Dunning. As Terry pointed out on the call today, he is providing perspective from coaches with 30 plus years of experience. I’m a coach, still an assistant coach, that is fairly new, still in the trenches, and could provide a different perspective. I certainly look forward to the opportunity and contributing my experiences to the good of the game. Hopefully, my experience will help you.

An early Merry Christmas to me and I hope the same to you.

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