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Volleyball is the 2nd Most Popular Sport in the World

Volleyball Monthly’s July 2009 issue states:

  • Volleyball has become the second-most-played sport in the world.  On average, nearly one out of eight people on the planet play volleyball at least once a week.
  • Volleyball boasts the world’s largest sports federation.
  • 47.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the U.S. win gold in the last Olympic beach final.

Even the Pope knows volleyball – sweet hands!


Check out the article on Volleyball Magazine.


  1. wtf, volleyball is not even in the top-5 sports

    most of the things above is false. 47.2 m people watched the match of USA win the medal or whatever…whereas, in India alone, at least 472 million people watch cricket matches.

    Cricket has 100 members…volleyball doesnt come even close. It says 1 out 8 people play volleyball…perhaps it should have been 80.

    Reasons for disagreement:

    1) Its not even in the top 5 sports
    2) There is no world cup
    3) No one knows about the players
    4) There is no investment in the sport
    5) Its not popular at all in its place of origin- srilanka
    6) There seems no professional club matches or domestice stuffs or whatever
    7) There is n volleybal advertisements
    8) The players dont really have much of an income

  2. Not being rude or anything, but if you actually knew anything about volleyball whatsoever, and somewhat sport in general, you would know that:

    – There is a world cup
    – Cricket is pretty popular but that doesn’t mean in every country
    – Just because more people watch a sport doesn’t mean more people play it
    – Maybe to you there “seems to be no professional club matches or doemestic stuffs”, but really there are professional clubs all over the world with players earning a living out of the sport and supporting their daily lives from their professional volleyball income

    Also, just because *you* say there is NO investment, the players DON’T have an income, NO ONE knows about the players, there is NO world cup and any other thoughts you have. I can confidently say that these are only oppinions. You are basing them on nothing and clearly haven’t cared to look into the sport at all before making incorrect acusations. It clearly states at the top of this page “2nd most popular sport in the world”. After playing international volleyball I can garuntee you,Volleyball IS a world wide sport and is played in countries all over the world passionately. So I before making false accusations, maybe you should get to understand the sport a little more and understand that your single oppinions and perceptions of the sport aren’t always true.

  3. Your reasons are uneducated and irrelevant.

    1) It is in fact, the second most popular sport in the world (srilanka isnt the world). Just because you say it isn’t, doesn’t make it untrue.

    2) There is a world ‘cup’ but it is called a championship. There are professional and junior world championships for both men and women. The fact that volleyball is not mainly for men or for women makes it appealing to the masses, hence the number of players in the world.

    3) Most people know about the players. They are Olympic medal holders, get with it.

    4 and 6) Most countries have professional teams and leagues making it a lucrative and highly spectated sport.

    5) America doesn’t have a professional league because it is a popular university sport. It is the equivalent to a professional sport as most players receive something for their participation (ie an education) If players graduate and want to be paid professionally, they move to Europe, Asia, South America etc. The top players in America play for the Olympic team (they are winners by the way)

    7) There ARE volleyball advertisements. Gatorade, Nike, Adidas, Mikasa, Tachikara, Molten, Asics, Mizuno, just to name a few, all advertise volleyball.

    Moral of the story: better to be suspected as ignorant than publish your ignorance online and remove all doubt.


  5. Isn’t a cricket a bug?

  6. Now, the confusion is sorted out. in this south Asia (very populated, but not noticed by the rest of the world) cricket rocks as food that they eat fried. As a sport, it is the kind you’ve heard about it, but noone has ever seen a match or know the rules.

  7. You are all so ignorant. Volleyball is sooo awesomeeee!! They play volleyball everywhere.. except asia. But everywhere else, everyone loves it. It may not be in the top two… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun and everyone hates it

  8. well volleyball is an ok sport lax,hockey.football,wreastling,and meany more sports are more physical but this just means its a cleaner sport than most. likly chances of geting hurt in volleyball slim to non, likely hood in other sports 75 percent chance if u dont use your head or play the way u should!!

  9. this doesn’t even tell how volleyball rises to popularity

  10. How can it not be played in Asia if Volleyball was introduced as a official sport at the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan? Not only that but there’s a hole Anime & Manga based on Volleyball (Haikyuu!!) where the author got inspiration by playing the sport himself. Hmm? I’m curious. 😀 (smell the sarcasm.)

  11. Love these comments…Been doing research and wikipedia says there are 800 million people playing or watching volleyball and if you go to Google Adwords, there are 10 million people talking about volleyball each month! I’m so excited, have played for 40+ years and love this sport…. Please come support me as I launch my new website: http://www.lifeofvolleyball.com

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