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Volleyball More Popular Than Basketball

The National cryBaby Association, NBA, continues it’s lockout and basketball continues to lose fans and participants.  What is going to happen when volleyball becomes more popular than basketball?  Impossible?  Not impossible.  In high schools the numbers prove the trend.  Every year Girls Volleyball continues to close the gap on having more participants than Boys Basketball.  Let me repeat that…Girls Volleyball will be more popular than Boys Basketball.  The 2010 – 2011 report published by The National Federation of High School Associations shows 545,844 boys high school basketball players and 409,332 girls high school volleyball players.  Girls volleyball participants are growing at a much faster rate than boys basketball.

How will high school administration react to volleyball when it becomes more popular?  Volleyball will get preference to gym time and space.  Basketball coaches will have to ask volleyball when the court can be used.  Volleyball court lines will be painted on the floor and basketball will have to tape their own lines. Basketball baskets will have to be temporary.  Volleyball will get preferential locker rooms.  Basketball will have to rent the gym floor for their time.

Volleyball, a sport that originated in Holyoke, MA, is already the 2nd most popular team sport in the world, behind soccer.  There are more youth volleyball programs than basketball programs worldwide.  The US will catch on with the rest of the world soon.


  1. When volleyball overtakes basketball-Coach Rey will make 7 figures, fall ball madness will occupy the tv, and athlete GPA’s will falter.

  2. HA! I am so annoyed that volleyball doesn’t get the support it deserves at my daughters school. I tell everyone, “after watching a varsity volleyball game, you “switch the channel” to basketball – basketball sucks! It’s too darn slow” My husband, and father in law even prefer to watch volleyball over basketball. We can dream tho…. some day 🙂

  3. This is all nice, but money talks and it is not only about participants, but filling stands. I have attended many high school volleyball matches where the only people in the stands were parents and even very few of those.

  4. Really cool stuff. Thanks for the numbers. Hopefully this growth will continue exponentially for both girls’ and boy’s volleyball at the HS level and continue in the college level with more colleges in Div I. Maybe this can then grow to establish a pro volleyball league in the States that everybody hopes for!

  5. Hi! Just a word from the front line. I’m the high school varsity coach at a suburban high school outside of Phoenix. I coach a team that is up-and-coming, having made a lot of progress in the last two seasons. This week we had a double-header with rivals in town, the second night was in our home gym. It was electric. The crowd was insane. After the match (we won!), lots of students came up to tell me that they’d never been to a volleyball match and didn’t realize how exciting it could be. My AD told me it was the biggest, and most exciting crowd he’d seen in the gym in a decade – FOR ANY SPORT! Go Volleyball!

  6. Hi Lance…that is great news for volleyball. There is nothing better than an electric crowd. Reminds me of a time with Coach Hebert at the U of MN. I posted about that time here: http://coachrey.com/blog/insight-hall-of-fame-coach-mike-hebert/

    Good luck to you this season!

  7. This is biased

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