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Why I Despise the Elimination of Volleyball “Halftime”

Volleyball “Halftime” – the 10-minute break between sets 2 and 3 (and yes, the correct terminology for each ‘game’ in volleyball is SET, and the correct terminology for the entire ‘game’ is MATCH), is slowly being eliminated. Some conferences are reducing the 10 minutes between sets 2 and 3 to 5 minutes and I hear there are some that may even reduce it to 3 minutes?!?! Blasphemy!

Why blasphemy? It simply comes down to coaches’ needs. Yes, coaches are needy. Yes, coaches demand a lot. But this request comes down to human nature…literally.

You see, a coach will come out to the court for warm-ups 45 minutes prior to the match. A 5 set match can last two and a half hours. Post-match has its protocols with interviews, meeting with prospects, fans, and alumnae which is easily another 30 minutes. In all, a coach needs to hold their bladder for 4 hours.

I’m old and getting older every day. I feel like I’m in decent shape, but with the excitement of the match itself, the 10-minute break gives a reprieve to not only the coaches, but the officials, players, and staff too. It’s a simple human request.

Beyond the human element (no pun intended), the 10-minute break between sets 2 and 3 does allow for other marketing entertainment that keeps fans engaged. Furthermore, it must help concession sales, it does allow fans their break, and it does put a twist on momentum for a match (ala Penn State v Texas in the Finals a few years back).

Eliminating the 10-minute break between sets needs to go down the drain.

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