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The Solution to Stop the Early Recruiting Epidemic

It’s simple: College coaches need to stop honoring the verbal commitment. Men’s Basketball and Football laugh at the verbal commitment. They know the verbal commitment is non-binding and really “doesn’t mean anything”. Men’s Basketball and Football don’t have this early ...

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DataVolley Mastery

I fought the good fight. I’ve tried to find a DataVolley substitute. Not because DataVolley isn’t good, because DataVolley is complicated to learn. I was always a big fan of StatEasy, but that didn’t pan out. Kyle Mashima has a ...

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We’re #1 – Volleyball is #1!

After my last post of the astronomical, super bowl like numbers volleyball is generating, Jamie Davis, USA Volleyball’s new CEO speaks about the upward rise of volleyball with his most recent statement, “Volleyball on a roll being the No. 1 ...

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Flo Hyman Lives On

I received this wonderful comment on a post about Flo Hyman: from an ‘R. Nelson’: Thank you for taking the time to provide some information and background on our friend, team mate and colleague Flora Jean Hyman.. please feel free ...

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Learning – A Lifelong Habit

To Teach Life Lessons through Volleyball is my mantra. Harvard Business Review offers similar advice (sans volleyball 😉 Make Life Learning a Habit by: John Coleman I recently worked my way through Edmund Morris’s first two Teddy Roosevelt biographies, The ...

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We Rise by Lifting Others

The heart of a leader is the foundation of their life. It is what drives passion. Yet it's the people in our lives that keep the passion burning. Serve those people, not to selfishly rise, but to rise collectively.

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