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Students on Campus Reduces Virus Risk

Optimism. Hope. Light. We need more positive in the world today. Cornell University believes bringing students back to campus will reduce virus risk. Former Winthrop University President and current SIU System President, Dr. Daniel Mahony, spread this on his social ...

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Flag Volleyball

Flag court number volleyball

Flag Volleyball, not quite as cool as the newest forms of volleyball like Spikeball ESPN Summer Spike 2018 or Crossnet the four square of volleyball. Crossnet the Four Square for Volleyball Actually, is not even a new volleyball type game. ...

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Family Life in the Coaching Profession

Coaching is a challenging profession. It is cutthroat, extremely competitive, and extraordinarily time-demanding. Time-demands in and around the team, the office, demands for appearances (on campus, off campus, speeches, press, etc.), on the road for matches and recruiting. Don’t forget ...

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Thinking Mike Hebert

The literally thousands of posts, comments, tweets, etc. about Mike has been positively overwhelming. The lives Mike touched are obvious and I have really enjoyed reading how deeply and personally impactful Mike was on so many levels. Mike connected with ...

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Lebron James and Cutting Sugar

For an athlete, besides the negative heart and blood conditions that can arise from excess sugar intake, sugar causes inflammation. Increase inflammation increases recovery time. As Lebron states, he occasionally eats sugar during season, but cuts it out during the ...

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My Pete Hanson Moment

There are a few coaching legends in volleyball and Pete Hanson is one of them. I only met Coach Hanson one brief moment in time, but it was enough to make a lasting impact. When I was coaching at Miami ...

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19 Volleyball Quotes for 2019

John Kessel, USA Volleyball’s 2019 Frier Award Recipient (and fellow blogger) It is befitting for this year’s top quote to be from one of the game’s great life teachers, elected to receive the 2019 Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Award, (USA ...

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Shake a Ref’s Hand

How many times at the end of a volleyball match, or any sporting event, do we see the officials, referees, umpires, etc. hurriedly “escape” from the field of play because coaches, players, and fans demonize their role as peacemakers? Ironically, it ...

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NBA Finals NOT Sold Out – As Volleyball Continues to Grow

There is a paradigm shift in sports. Volleyball continues to grow. Sports Illustrated reported that Game 1 of the NBA Finals was NOT sold out: https://www.si.com/nba/2018/05/31/nba-finals-game-1-not-sold-out-oracle-arena-warriors Major League Baseball attendance is DOWN:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2018/04/12/heres-the-real-reasons-mlb-attendance-is-down/#882f84936f23 The NFL TV ratings and attendance is ...

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