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CJV 16s Player Letter

Dear Player,

The core philosophy of the Carolina Juniors 16s Coaches is Passion and Love. We are intensely passionate about coaching volleyball and wish to pass on our love for the game. We will do this by establishing a nurturing learning environment, a positive, fun, yet intense team culture, and challenge each player beyond personal comfort zones to achieve something extraordinary.

Extraordinary simply means being “extra” or more than ordinary. It means being different, you will stand-out, accepting that you will stand-out, being comfortable with this, and thriving on it. Being extraordinary will force you past perceived limitations and enable the team to accomplish unimaginable goals. We as coaches are committed to guiding you through this process.

To achieve extraordinary we will focus intensely on Discipline, Trust, and Consistency.

Discipline is doing the things you are supposed to do, the right way, when you are supposed to do them (even if you don’t want to do them). This includes a dedication to academic excellence, always being in “Go Posture” on the court, and/or maintaining a strict nutrition and workout schedule. When each player makes a dedicated effort to embrace discipline, the team will benefit greatly.

Trust is putting yourself wholeheartedly in a teammate’s hands knowing they will do the right thing. This means being positive about the team and teammates, approaching a teammate honestly and tactfully with personal issues, not talking about teammates behind their backs (to other players or to your parents), and directly dealing with the issue with the teammate, no matter how difficult it may seem to be. Trust can also be as simple as knowing your teammate is in the correct position behind your block set-up on the court. Trust, on and off the court, will enable the team to succeed.

Consistency is continually maintaining balanced, yet ever increasing standards. Consistency can be having the same attitude in practice and matches so teammates and coaches always know what to expect. Consistency is “In Play Efficiency” or IPE. This means keeping the ball in play in less than ideal situations (taking care of the ball and trusting your teammates will pick you up). Consistency will keep the team on course to beat teams when we are perceived to be the underdog.

If you are willing to adhere to these core values, to be extraordinary, we want you to be a part of this team. It will be challenging. It will be inconvenient. It will require sacrifice. But it will be extremely rewarding. We believe the lessons learned will last a lifetime.


Chuck Rey
Head Coach

Sara Christie
Assistant Coach

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