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Crossing the Delaware

New York City is preparing for an attack.  An American General fortifies Long Island and Manhattan with 20,000 soldiers.  On August 27th the enemy attacks and unfortunately, the onslaught from the enemy defeated the Americans and pushed them back to Brooklyn Heights.  From Brooklyn Heights, the Americans were again over-powered and forced to retreat across the East River completely into Manhattan.  Yet again, the enemy pushed the Americans north to Harlem Heights.  Defeated again, the Americans were forced to White Plaines and then to Fort Washington.  At Fort Washington, the Americans made a valiant stand, but were again defeated where thousands of prisoners were captured and killed.  The Americans withdrew out of New York, into New Jersey and retreated all the way into Pennsylvania.  In total, the Americans were badly beaten 7 times in this war.

On a blistering cold, stormy Christmas night of 1776, General George Washington and the remaining 5,000 soldiers of the newly formed American Army held on to their beliefs and crossed the Delaware river.  Because the river was icy and the weather severe, the crossing proved extremely dangerous. Two of the offensive groups were unable to cross the river, leaving Washington and only 2,400 men to make an assault on the British in Trenton, New Jersey.  Washington’s forces caught the British off guard and, before they could resist, the British were defeated.  It was America’s first small, but inspirational victory.  If the Americans lost this battle, the United States would not have existed.

George Washington and his soldiers held on to their belief, through numerous defeats, that this newly formed country could be a great nation.  They were persistent, determined, and resilient in the face of mighty odds, but prevailed.  They believed in each other and put their life on the line for their cause.  As General Washington stated, “Survive and you will succeed”.

This past weekend, our newly formed team battled through numerous defeats.  But the integrity of the team proved to be persistent, determined, and resilient.  The team believed in each other and prevailed in a small, yet inspirational victory.

Following the Revolutionary War, the United States encountered many more battles, including civil wars.  Some battles were won, some were lost, but the belief and strength of what America stood for never wavered.  It is through this belief, America has become a world super-power.

Through the next 6 weeks, our team will encounter many more battles.  Some will be won, some will be lost, but if we continue to fight (as this team has always shown to do) and continue to believe each other, our team will become a volleyball super-power.  We will accomplish those goals we have set-out to achieve.

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