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Lessons from Haiti

Following is a piece I put together after a player on our team suffered a significant injury.  The injury occurred just before the Haiti earthquake.  The earthquake certainly put things into perspective in comparison to the injury.

The earthquake in Haiti has challenged a nation, but they will survive.  Their lives uprooted, homes destroyed, and families torn apart, but they will thrive.  Individuals will take on new roles. A teacher will use physical strength to remove rubble that lay atop a wounded soldier.  A child will help an injured parent to safety.  Safety is found in togetherness, togetherness formulates a plan, a plan is built on existing foundations, teams are formed to follow the plan, and greatness is found in each little brick laid to rebuild their lives.

Our team has been challenged, but we will survive.  We have the opportunity to do great things and we will thrive.  Some of our roles may change, but we have safety in our togetherness, our team.  This is a time to reflect upon our foundation: discipline, consistency, and trust.  Through these principles, we have been building our house.  A couple bricks may have fallen, but we are there for each other, to pick-up each little brick and build a stronger house.

Discipline is doing the things you are supposed to do, the right way, when you are supposed to do them (even if you don’t want to do them).  This includes a dedication to academic excellence, always being in “Posture” on the court, and/or maintaining a strict nutrition and workout schedule.

Trust is putting yourself wholeheartedly in a teammate’s hands knowing they will do the right thing.  Trust can be as simple as knowing your teammate is in the correct position behind your block set-up on the court or not throwing your arm behind you to save a ball when your teammate is already there.  Trust, on and off the court, will enable the team to succeed.

Consistency is continually maintaining balanced, yet ever increasing standards.  Consistency is the same attitude in practice and matches so teammates and coaches always know what to expect.  Consistency is “In Play Efficiency” or IPE, keeping the ball in play in less than ideal situations (taking care of the ball and trusting your teammates will pick you up).

The people in Haiti have been forced to trust their foundation and rebuild their lives.  In comparison, our situation is minor, but it provides us a great opportunity to reflect upon the foundation in which our team is built.  We are discipline; we trust each other; we strive for consistency.

Greatness is found in each pass we make, each serve we take, and in being together.  I look forward to this weekend.


  1. I like the comparison between your team and Haiti.

  2. I like the comparison between your team and Haiti.

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