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The Purpose of Carolina Juniors Volleyball 16s Team

1.    To cultivate a nurturing learning environment that teaches life lessons though volleyball.

2.    To encourage a positive and fun volleyball family that focuses on the team without distraction.

3.    To establish an unwavering team chemistry from a group of individuals of varying backgrounds.

4.    To challenge the team to reach beyond personal comfort zones to achieve something extraordinary.

5.    To promote an internal motivation within players to pursue a passionate team mission, superseding all personal agendas, on a daily basis.

6.    To empower players to be self-reliant, responsible, discipline, and independent.

7.    To consistently train and challenge the team in a way that creatively adapts to individual learning styles.

8.    To maximize the team’s physical potential while continually increasing its volleyball intelligence.

9.     To develop well rounded athletes, beyond fundamental skills, through conditioning and proper nutrition.

10.    To guide parents in daily practices that promotes a healthy living environment and instills positive lifetime habits for their daughters.

11.    To offer recruiting advice and opportunities for players with the desire to play in college.

12.    To have each player come out of the program with a positive experience and be a more well rounded individual.

13.    To be the example, in which other teams and clubs look-up to.

14.    To treat others that we encounter (officials, line-judges, opponents, convention staff, restaurant waiters, hotel housekeepers, etc.) with class, dignity and as equals.

15.    To respect the game.


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