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Week 1 – Team Discipline

Each week I provide my team little reminders to help keep them focused on our goal.

After a first great week of practice, it is easy for each of us to fall back into our old routines, to go our separate ways over the next four days, fall back into our own worlds, and “forget” about each other (this is what ordinary teams do).  Or we can make the extra effort to become a more than ordinary, an extra ordinary, an extraordinary team!

In order to become an extraordinary team, we need to make a commitment to change as well as reach out to one another.  There are three ways to change which will help us to bond and grow as a team:

1.    Exercise – At a minimum our dynamic stretching’s purpose is to use your body weight to stretch as well as strengthen.  It is crucial that you do these movements at least two days.  In addition, it is time to open up that 2010 Championship Manual (the black binder we provided to you at the Team meeting).  Towards the back of the binder is the workout section and find the Jump Training Workout.  Chose either Workout 1 or Workout 2.  Do this one day.  Locate the Agility Workouts.  Choose to do Agility Workout 1 or Agility Workout 2.  Do this one day.  Locate the Lifting (Initial Phase) page.  On the bottom is a Rotator Cuff Workout and an Ab Workout.  Do these on the days you do the Jump Training and Agility Workout.  If you are familiar with the weight room and have access to a weight room, you may substitute the Circuit Lifting Program for both the Jump Training and Agility Training.

2.    Nutrition – It is time to make a lifestyle change.  5 small healthy meals are better than 3 large meals a day.  Over the next four days, add in a snack.  In the 2010 Championship Manual is the Carolina Juniors Volleyball Nutrition Guide.  On the third page of the guide, under the “When to Eat” section, are examples of healthy snacks: Healthy (Low Sugar) Granola Bars or Smoothies are the examples.  Be sure to have add (not substitute for a meal) a healthy snack for each of the next four days.  In addition, consume 1 extra 8 ounce glass of water a day.

3.    Decide as a team a food group you will no longer eat for the month of December.  For example, no more sodas and sweet teas or no more fried foods or no more sweets and candy, etc.  I personally believe that you should not consume any of these, especially to be a top notch athlete, but what will the team commit to?

At practice on Sunday, provide the coaches with the exercises you performed, the additional snack you are eating, and the food group the team will abstain from eating in the month of December.  The discipline you perform now will make our team stronger.

Extra Credit – the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament starts this Friday.  Watch a match, find a player that plays your position, and report on their movement (verbally – no need to write this down) at practice.  Also, any comments on that match and those team chemistries is an extra bonus!

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