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Week 2 – Team Discipline

Our second week of practice was as successful as our first.  The Team is discovering its positive identity and friendships are blossoming.  The forming stage of a team is exciting.  Let’s remember this feeling as we continue throughout our journey.

Last week at practice, we learned new techniques, drills, and mental applications to volleyball.  This week we were more familiar with these applications and were able to better perform them.  As with any athlete, musician, doctor, etc. the ones that become the greatest are the ones that strive towards excellence.  Striving towards excellence is not mastering new techniques, drills, or mental processes, but mastering the same fundamental techniques and skills over-and-over again.  It may become monotonous and boring, but if each player sticks to striving towards excellence, the Team will achieve success at tournaments.

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.  If we choose to be discipline now with exercise and nutrition, we are choosing to be successful later, at tournaments.  With this said, here are the 3 ways to be discipline over the next four days:

1.    Exercise – At a minimum our dynamic stretching’s purpose is to use your body weight to stretch as well as strengthen.  It is crucial that you do these movements at least two days.  In the 2010 Championship Manual is the workout section: Jump Training Workout.  Chose either Workout 1 or Workout 2.  Do this one day.  Locate the Agility Workouts.  Choose to do Agility Workout 1 or Agility Workout 2.  Do this one day.  Locate the Lifting (Initial Phase) page.  On the bottom are a Rotator Cuff Workout and an Ab Workout.  Do these on the days you do the Jump Training and Agility Workout.  If you are familiar with the weight room and have access to a weight room, you may substitute the Circuit Lifting Program for both the Jump Training and Agility Training.

2.    Nutrition –Be sure to continue to have a healthy snack for each of the next four days.  In addition, consume 1 extra 8 ounce glass of water a day.

3.    Recruiting – If you think you might want to play volleyball in college, now is the time to get information to college coaches.  Realize that many of the elite programs already have commitments from the 2010 and 2011 classes.  Pick 3 to 5 schools that you might have interest and get your information into the hands of these coaches now before tournaments begin in January.  At the least, a letter of your interest (include your year of graduation and uniform #) and our CJV schedule is required.  The attached “Volleyball Recruiting Sophomore Year” recommends you send this by mail. I recommend by mail and email.

It is also recommended to include a Volleyball Resume (see sample), and the extreme is an online volleyball resume (here is a great example: http://dylankeil2010.com/bio.html – the video, graduation year, position, and number are most important).

Extra Credit – Watch (or DVR) the NCAA Elite Eight matches on Saturday night.  They are on ESPNU starting at 4:00, 6:30, 9:00, and 11:30 EST.  You get bonus points if you watch the Minnesota match at 6:30 (where I coached last season) 

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