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Week 3 – Distraction

It’s beginning to look a lot like…distraction.  Distraction?!?!  Yes, distraction.  It is very easy to become distracted by important things in life during the Holiday Season.  Important things include academics, family, and friends.  Final exams are this week for many of you, there are greater time demands to visit family members, and even gift purchasing/giving to your friends.  It is extremely important to keep academics, family, and friends as a high priority in your life, but to be an extraordinary team; we will also keep things in perspective.  Keep life in balance.

In 30 days we have our first tournament; within those 30 days we have 10 practices.  That means there are 20 days apart from the team that we can individually choose to get better or stay the same.  Other teams that we will face have the luxury of practicing 4 days a week plus 2-a-day practices on the weekend.  Within the next 30 days, those teams will have 24 practices.  How do we compete?  We keep life in perspective.  We balance those important distractions with time to workout during those 20 days.  Choose to get better – for the team!

Working out alone is not fun.  You may have to wake-up an hour earlier to get a workout in.  This is discipline.  If you can find a teammate to workout together, to push each other, that helps.  But ultimately what you do now, will make a difference in that first tournament on January 15th.  When that little voice in your head says, “I don’t want to…”, “I’ve had enough…” simply say to yourself: “Push through…”.  This is your “discipline muscle” becoming stronger.  Be strong!

1.    Exercise –Dynamic stretching should done twice a week.  Exaggerate the movements and instead of doing a half a court like we do in practice, do a full court’s distance.  You should now be alternating each week between Workout 1 or Workout 2 of the Jump Training and Agility Workout.  You should be feeling more comfortable doing these workouts and start to build a rhythm.  Continue with the Rotator Cuff Workout and add 5 reps to each Ab Workout.  I love hearing that some of you are able to get into a gym and lift.  Make sure you are using proper technique and the weight should be difficult to lift on the last 2 to 4 sets of repetitions. Record your workouts for the remainder of the month in the chart below.  This will be turned in on January 3rd.

Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday
16 – 19th
23 – 26th
30 – 2nd

2.    Nutrition – It is very easy to eat sugary snack foods over the Holiday Season.  Eat snacks in moderation; better yet substitute a healthy fruit or vegetable. Sugar wrecks havoc on your body.  Keep sugar at a minimum!!!!!!!!

Extra Credit – Watch (or DVR) the NCAA Semi-Finals and Championship matches on Thursday at 7:00 and 9:00 EST and Saturday night at 8:00 EST.  They are on ESPN2/ESPN360.  You get bonus points if you watch the Minnesota match at 7:00 on Thursday 🙂

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