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Week 5 – Team Consistency – Play Like Rockstars

This season we are going to play like rockstars!   You will perform your craft in front of a large audience.  Your band inspires you to keep rhythm.  Sound amazing?  It is! But to be a great rockstar, it ironically requires great discipline and consistency.

Miley and Taylor are away from their friends most weekends, just like you are away from yours at tournaments.  And their band, much like your teammates, inspires them to keep rhythm.  They have to study for school on the road.  They have to practice with their band before performances.  They have to exercise and eat right to stay in top shape.  Sound familiar?  Rockstars maintain a true discipline.

Now imagine this…Miley and Taylor will perform hundreds of concerts in a year.  What songs does every fan in the audience want to hear?  Imagine playing “Party in the USA” or “Love Story” over-and-over-and-over again.  You’ve got to perform your best each time.  It’s probably the only time that someone in the audience will hear you perform a song live.  You’ve got to make it a great show.  Time and time again.  A great performance is a product of discipline.  To continually maintain great performances is consistency.

Almost two months ago, you tried-out for this Carolina Juniors 16s Team.  In order to be on the team, you committed to three qualities to make this an extraordinary team.  Those three qualities are: Discipline, Trust, and Consistency.  As a team, each of us is learning to grasp discipline through a better dedication to academics, fitness, nutrition, posture, communication, and awareness beyond our selves. Discipline becomes a lifestyle, a routine; it is not a “diet” that fades in and out of our lives.  Through discipline, we learn to be consistent.  Through consistency we become discipline.

Consistency is presented to you at this time because some of the “newness”, the excitement of being part of this great team might be slowly weaning.  It is difficult to maintain new disciplines when we do not immediately see the reward for our action.  That reward is when we get to compete, when the fruits of our labors, when all our hard work, are brought to the court.

This is the time in the season to learn to be consistent with your discipline.  When that little voice inside of your head says, “I don’t want to get up early,” or “I want to have that sugary sweet snack or drink” or “I don’t want to run or jump another repetition”, is when the team asks you to interrupt your thoughts and say, “Power through…”  Power through to get you to our goal.  You might not see the goal that day or week, but the team is counting on you to power through.

We will celebrate our goals together.  Be consistent.  Play like rockstars!

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