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Doug Beal for President

In an election year, there is no better option for President than Doug Beal! He’s not a Democrat, not a Republican, nor Independent. He’s just Doug. I’m sure he has the wit and capacity to do a better job than most politicians, but the world is better off to keep him in volleyball. Doug Beal, CEO of USA Volleyball, is running for President of the FIVB.

Doug’s launched a website for his race to FIVB President: DougBeal.org The only problem I see with his campaign is a wicked good campaign slogan, so I’ve decided to come up with a few of my own:

Just Doug it

Be Like Doug

Dig Like Doug

Doug Digs it

You can’t Dig, We need Doug

Hot Diggity Doug

Dig Doug, Better than a Video Game

Doug Forward

FIVB Believe in America, Doug

5 Gold and 1 Silver Medal under my Leadership, enough said FIVB!

We support you Doug Beal and know volleyball in the world will be even better under your leadership.

Go Doug Go!

(vote for your favorite campaign slogan in the comments)



  1. Don & Wanda Clish

    I like: Just Doug It

    I vote for mine.

  3. FIVB Management worldwide will forever be enhanced if current USA Volleyball CEO Doug Beal is elected as its next President. His knowledge of the game, proven track record, unassailable integrity and winning inclusive and collaborative leadership style, makes him the perfect candidate to lead the next cycle of global volleyball development. I had the rare pleasure to work with Doug while serving as elected USA Volleyball Chairman of the Board from 2008-2011 and he has my full and complete support. FIVB will be wise to reward Doug’s 40 years of volleyball success with its ringing endorsement as its next President.

    David Schreff
    Chairman, Board of Directors
    USA Volleyball

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