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Jim Coleman Memorial Scholarship Clinic

Jim Coleman volleyballAt the AVCA Convention, I listened to a presentation by Russ Rose and Terry Liskevych titled: What We have Learned in 75+ Years of Coaching. Besides it being quite comical, Russ and Terry provided some great insight into how the sport has changed from side-out scoring to rally score and how the sport will continue to develop.

Both Russ and Terry gave great praise to the late Jim Coleman who was a mentor to them both.  As a way of giving back to the sport, they have collaborated with a number of great coaches to give a clinic in which all proceeds are donated to a volleyball scholarship fund.  The coaches that will be in attendance include: Russ Rose, Terry Liskevych, Jerry Angle, Rick Butler, John Cook, Mick Haley, Ruth Nelson, Bill Neville, Bill Walton, and special guest speaker Doug Beal.  What an amazing event.

The clinic will be held at Aurora University on May 14 – 15, 2011.  To register and for more information visit the JimColemanClinic.com website

Future clinics of this nature will be held across the country.  A follow-up clinic is already scheduled in Portland, Oregon on May 21 – 22.  To learn more about this clinic and to see when and where similar clinics will be schedule, visit: The Art of Coaching Volleyball – www.theartofcoachingvolleyball.com


  1. Coach Rey,
    Just saw your website and mantra of “teaching life lessons through volleyball”. I don’t know about your credentials but, I also saw that you promoted a clinic including Rick Butler as a presenter. It is mind blowing that you have this philosophy and yet include in your clinic a man who has molested and sexually abused the girls he was coaching. Rick Butler was put into a position of authority and abused that trust for his own dimented illegal wants. It should not matter what his knowledge of the sport- he is a pediphile and rapist – shame on you!!!!

  2. In his 7th season at Oregon State you’d think the program would win a few more games. Does the Oregon State AD care about the volleyball program? Clearly not. Terry needs to go. Obviously he isn’t a good fit!

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