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What Coaches Should Focus On

John-Kessel-Chuck-ReyHad a very successful weekend of coaching clinics for the USAV Palmetto Region. John Kessel spoke his magic about specificity, demonstrated effective and efficient drills, and stories galore about the development of our great sport. Heather Vahjen gave a great session on recruiting, and I spoke on “What Coaches Should Focus On vs What Coaches Typically Focus On”. We had a very nice turnout out and appreciated the attentive and eager coaches that wanted to continue to learn.

Many of the coaches asked if I would put my powerpoint presentation online. Here is the presentation:

A PDF version of this presentation is available here: What Coaches Should Focus On

The statistics sheets are in the RESOURCES section of my website.

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  1. Many players do better when they understand the basic motor learning principles behind the skills that they are practicing.
    When learning motor skills, players shouldn’t try to take in too much information at once. It works best to break skills down into keys or cues to help process the information. This helps players commit the information to memory and recall what needs to be done during the execution of the skill in practice or competition.
    Volleyball coaches and players know that serving and passing are the two most important skills in volleyball.
    Coaches should include feedback on serve and pass quality during practice. They should focus on both accuracy and speed.

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