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Coastal Classic Volleyball Tournament

Along the way, you meet good people. The people behind the Coastal Classic Volleyball Tournament are some of those good people. I met Richard Knott and Aly Pompeani through one of volleyball’s unfortunate experiences, the sudden passing of Ranse Jones.  I donated to help with Ranse’s fight and in return, got a great T-shirt.  I was wearing that T-shirt when I registered my Carolina Juniors Club Team at AAUs in Orlando when a typical Florida mid-afternoon thunderstorm came flying in. Many of the coaches were huddled under the baseball stadium when Aly introduced herself.  She recognized the t-shirt because she and her boyfriend Richard, both coaches at Grand Strand Juniors, designed the shirt and was helping to collect the funds for Ranse. Through that conversation in Orlando, Aly, Richard, and I have started one of those special friendships only volleyball can put together. People “on the outside” of our sport don’t understand why volleyball coaches and players do what we do for our sport. It’s because of bonds like these that makes our sport genuine and what we do so special.

Aly and Richard, with Alex Sing, through Grand Strand Juniors are doing a great job growing the game in the Myrtle Beach area. Grand Strand Juniors will be hosting an AAU Super-Regional called the Coastal Classic Volleyball Tournament. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time at the beach when your team isn’t playing?

May is a great time of year in Myrtle Beach. Go to their website and register your team now!


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